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As a young South African studio we are full of life and excitement for the future of the local & international animation industry. After graduating from university and finishing her internship with the NFVF (The National Film and Video Foundation) Cabblow - our founder - actioned out a childhood dream and created this studio. Cabblow Studios is about telling stories that help and inspire people. We are about cultivating a unique voice that contributes meaningfully to the animation conversation.


Creative Director | Animator

Kabelo is passionate about animation and
about sharing that passion with others. She founded Cabblow Studios in 2017 as part of her vision to be a gamechanger in the animation industry. She has received a Bachelor of Arts Degree (Honours) in Animation and Scriptwriting from AFDA and has also been educated at Gobelins L'École de L'Image, Paris France.

Kabelo is a visionary with a warm and infectious personality and she is a curios and keen observer of life.

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